iPad Pencil A8

Dependable Tib, Unforgettable Notes

Ultra 7.5-Mile Long Lifespan. 2X more durable tip than Apple Pencil. Practical assistant to your immersion learning.

Precise Control, Delicate Stroke

Unleash artistic finesse with Pencil A8. Witness the digital bloom of a flower masterpiece.

Tilt for Shadow or Thicker Lines

You are free to let your imagination run wild and bring all possible artistic visions to life.

10Hrs Standby, No Stress Outside

Take field notes during a research tripSketch the natural beauty of a scenic landscapeDraw portraits of people you meet along the way

Snap. Attach. Go.

Double magnetic adsorption ensures A8 stays secure and within reach. You can take notes and sketch out ideas quickly and easily without worrying about losing or misplacing it.

College Student Offer

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