Join Our Distributor Network at Metapen!

Welcome to the Metapen distributor team!

Metapen is an experienced stylus pen manufacturer, with a track record of over 20 million units shipped in collaboration with world-class brands. As a
leading global technology company specializing in stylus pens, we have over 100 technical experts and hold approximately 280 patents related to stylus pen
technology, including nearly 100 invention patents. We have end-to-end control and delivery capabilities, covering hardware, software, structure, protocols,
and more.

With a robust supply chain advantage, Metapen's parent company provides design and manufacturing services for leading brands in the 3C consumer electronics industry, such as Google, Amazon, and HP.We adhere to strict quality management systems and hold certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and RBA.

We warmly welcome various types of distributors to join the Metapen family. Whether you are involved in 3C consumer electronics, accessories,
educational institutions, or traditional agencies, or if you are interested in selling and representing Metapen products as a partner, we welcome your participation!

Distributorship Policy

1.Suitable Distributor Types: We welcome various types of distributors to join us, including but not limited to those in the 3C consumer electronics, accessories, educational institutions, and traditional agency sectors

2.Product Collaboration Scope: Metapen's products are widely used in areas such as smartphones, tablets, electronic signature devices, and educational tools, providing you with diverse opportunities for product collaboration.

3.Distributor Support Policy:

  • Flexible ordering and replenishment mechanisms to reduce inventory risks.
  • Competitive pricing and attractive profit margins, ensuring sustainable benefits for you.
  • Marketing support, including marketing materials, advertising assistance, and promotional activities, to help you enhance sales
  • performance.Comprehensive training and technical support to help you understand product features, sales techniques, and after-sales service.

4.Success Stories and Partnerships: We have established successful partnerships with numerous well-known brands, showcasing our cooperation experience and market influence.

5.Application Process:

  • Step 1: Fill out the distributor application form and provide the necessary information.
  • Step 2: We will review your application.
  • Step 3: Upon approval, we will sign a cooperation agreement with you.

We look forward to collaborating with you to achieve mutual success! For any inquiries or expressions of interest, please feel free to contact us:


We will respond to your inquiries promptly. Thank you!