• M3 PRO $79.99 $67.99
  • M2 BIZ $52.99 $40.99
  • M2 $40.99 $28.99
    4096 Pressure Levels
  • M1 $32.99 $22.99
    300 hours battery life
  • G1 air $35.99 $29.99
  • G1 $48.99
    Essential for Chromebook
  • Customer Reviews

    Unanimous praise from all over the world

    Carmela M.

    “ It is awesome ”


    Un très bon stylet mais pas pour tout, dificile d'avoir les mêmes épaisseurs de trait sous Ibis Paint X par exemple, je n'ai pas vu de différences à l'inclainaision, ni-même à la force d'appui.
    L'ergonomie et l'autonomie sont un plus, les réglage de boutons via l'application aussi.
    Peux être faut t'il simplement s'y habituer pour y voir le stylet parfait.

    Van Dusen

    “ I’m in love with this pen ”


    It writes perfect. Literally. And I’ve tried 5+ different knockoff Apple pencils. No doubt this one is right up there with the Apple Pencil itself. Size is ideal, pinpoint accuracy, no skipping, connectivity is extremely simple. Just tap end and boom— connected and ready to draw/write. I would give it 6 stars but I can’t, so I’ll give the Metapen a hard 5⭐️s. 🤩

    Robert Hill

    “ Better than an Apple Pencil ”


    Works with my iPad no problem. Not Bluetooth connection is necessary. Turn the pen on and start writing! So easy! Battery is great too! I can get though a while study/course session with actively writing and still have plenty of battery. When battery dies, it charges fast! Gets buy! And can’t beat the price!