Pre-use Notes for X1

Pre-use Notes for X1

  1. How to use it?

Metapen X1 compatible with all touchscreen devices. You can use the X1 to click, write, navigate the web, type, play games on any touchscreen device just like your finger. It can also be used for presentations/teaching.

  1. When to replace the nib?

The stylus has a wider flocked tip to ensure better electrical conductivity with the screen. Please replace the nib when the flocking is worn out. We recommend using Metapen replacement tips.

  1. How to maintain the product?

-You can keep the stylus in the storage bag when you don't use it.

- Please do not force to pull the stylus out when extended to its longest position.

- We do not recommend always using the pen with the paper-like film.


- No need to recharge.

- No pressure sensitivity.

- No palm rejection.

- It is not recommended using a stick too thick tempered film on the screen, which may cause the stylus to stop responding.