Troubleshooting for M2

Pre-use Notes and Quick Troubleshooting for M2

  1. Make sure M2 is compatible with your device.

Metapen M2 only supports touchscreen devices that support MPP protocol.

This is a crucial point. If M2 is not working, please send us your model name. Attached is the model-finding guide. 

  1. Charge M2 for 10 minutes before first use.

  2. M2 doesn't need to pair with Bluetooth or Apps. Pick up M2 to wake it up. When M2 tip is 5 mm or closer to the screen, a cursor will show up, which means M2 is ready to work.

  3. M2 will automatically turn off in 5 minutes of inactivity. Please repeat step 3.

  4. If the model is compatible, and the battery is sufficient, but M2 can't write, Please try the following methods:

  5. Please try to loosen the pen tip a bit or replace the tip. 

  6. Uninstall bluetooth from your device, reboot the device, and then try the pen again. (The bluetooth driver is generally displayed as "intel wireless bluetooth R")

LED Light, Battery & Charging Guide

When using: Lights off

When charging: Solid orange

When fully charged: Solid white

Battery power ≤ 10%: Breathing orange

Recommended apps

OneNote, SketchBook