Troubleshooting for G1

Pre-use Notes and Quick Troubleshooting for G1

1. Make sure G1 is compatible with your device.

Metapen G1 only supports Chromebooks that support USI protocol.

This is a crucial point. If G1 is not working, please send us your model name. Attached is the model-finding guide. 


4 easy ways to find the Chromebook model number

a. Check on the packaging or on the box your Chromebook arrived. This is a good chance that you will find the model number on the package itself.

b. Check the bottom of your Chromebook. Most Chromebooks come with model numbers printed on the back or a sticker.

c. Check the shopping history on the platform you have purchased your Chromebook. You should find the model number in the product description.

d. Get information from the official website of the brand you purchased to get the model number.

2. Please charge G1 for 10 minutes before the first use.

3. Metapen G1 wakes up from sleep once you pick it up. No on/off button. No need to connect Bluetooth, or any apps.

4. When the tip is 5mm or closer to the screen a cursor will hover on it.

5. G1 will auto turn off in 5 minutes of inactivity.

6. We recommend using the equipped USB-C cable to charge G1. (Charger is not included)

We don't recommend using G1 while it is being charged.

  1. LED Guide: 

When charging: Orange

When fully charged: White

Power ≤10%: Blinking orange