Troubleshooting for A14

Pre-use Notes and Quick Troubleshooting for A14

  1. Make sure A14 is compatible with your iPad. If A14 doesn't work, we highly recommend you send a picture of 【iPad model name】. Attached are example photos of the iPad model.

  2. If the Bluetooth connects fine but A14 doesn't work, it's quite possible that your ipad is still paired with an original apple pencil, please unpair it before pairing A14.

  3. Make sure the iOS system is iOS 12.2 or above.

  4. Charge it 10 minutes before first use.

  5. A14 will Automatic shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity.

  6. Just click once to turn it on & press for 2s to turn it off.

  7. A14 can’t pull the control center down, notification bar down or swipe up between apps. Neither do other active pencils including the original Apple pencil can.

  8. If the model is applicable, and the battery is sufficient, but A14 can't write consistently, please try to loosen the pen tip a bit or replace the tip.

  9. It is not recommended to stick a too thick tempered film on the screen, which may cause the stylus to stop responding.

  10. LED Guide:

When charging: Solid red

When fully charged: Solid white

Pairing status: Red and white light flashing

Power ≤20%: Red light

20%~60% Power: Blue light

Power ≥60%: White light


Recommended apps

Goodnotes, Notability, Procreate, Flexcil.


My iPad is compatible with A14, why it doesn't seem to work?

A: Before the first use of A14, please charge it for 5 minutes and make sure the settings are right: 1. iOS system is updated to iOS 12.2 or above. 2. Disconnect Apple Pencil. Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Find “Apple Pencil” to forget this device

A14 can work well on my iPad, how can I see the instant battery % power of the A14?

A:To see the instant battery % display, long press any application you downloaded > Tap Edit Home Page > Add Batteries Widget.

Can A14 work without pairing it with my iPad?

A: Yes! Simply press the button once to turn it on, and it will enter [Pairing Mode: red and white led light alternatively for 30 seconds]. Now A14 can write and draw without being paired.

Why can't I reconnect by clicking A14 in my Bluetooth list?

A: You might disconnect A14 by pressing the hotkey for 5 seconds, please tap the "Pencil A14" that appears in the OTHER DEVICES list to reconnect it. Do not select the one in MY DEVICES.

How to stop my fingers to draw?

A: Your fingers can draw only when you are not using A14, please turn on "Only Draw with Apple Pencil" to ignore hand input. Go to Settings > Apple Pencil > Turn on "Only Draw with Apple Pencil" (iOS 14+ available)